Have you ever seen a Lamborghini on the side of the freeway, waiting for a tow truck, and wondered – How can something so expensive and complicated breakdown? The body, much like a high-priced sports car, is a complex, invaluable system. However, just like with any other complex system, it can sometimes run into complex problems.

One issue that our complex bodies share with anything else is that they age. They age, and they grow old, and they change, and they start to work less like they used to. Until, that is, methods for hormone replacement and testosterone therapy became more fully pronounced.

Hormone replacement therapy is a process that is designed to alleviate the symptoms of menopause and osteoporosis by replacing the body’s supply of estrogen. This process is invaluable to women who are suffering from more extreme symptoms of menopause. Discomfort and pain inhibit daily functions in life, which is why, if you are examined by a physician – such as those at Dr. Draesel’s offices in Miami, Florida – and they determine you are eligible for hormone replacement therapy, you should make the decision to better your life by relieving yourself of the discomfort that is beyond your control.

Testosterone therapy helps men who are not able to produce the normal levels of testosterone. This is often the result of testicles that are not able to produce sufficient amounts of testosterone, or pituitary gland problems that inhibit the testicles from producing normal amounts of testosterone. Not being able to produce enough testosterone is detrimental to the health of the male body, namely because of testosterone’s important role in maintaining bone density, sperm production, sex drive, red blood cell production, fat distribution, and muscle mass and strength.

If you are finding that life is pitching at you funny with the way your hormones are being produced within your body, then contact us today to find out what might be the issue, and how we can use our experience and services to help you find that balance that you’ve been looking for.