Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy is a method used to help speed up the recovery time of injured tissues via PRP injections, which are mainly concentrated platelets. PRP injections are becoming a more mainstream measure taken for effectively treating some of the following conditions: ACL Injuries; Osteoarthritis of the knee/hip/spine; chronic plantar fasciitis; tendonitis; ligament sprains; ankle sprains; tennis elbow; pelvic pain; and rotator cuff tears.

If you have never heard of PRP treatment before, you might be asking yourself how it works. When your body receives some soft tissue injury, like a cut or sprain, the immediate response is for your body to send platelet cells to the injured area. Platelets help the body repair itself because they are filled with growth and healing elements, and they depend on the partnership with stem cells to take on their task. With PRP treatment, PRP injections help the body by speeding up this natural healing process. A higher concentration of platelets is delivered directly to the injured area, giving the body a supercharge in the healing process.

In addition to pain management PRP treatments is widely used for anti-aging procedure such as vampire facials and hair lose. The doctors at Dr. Draesel’s practices will take their time to help you look and feel your best.

Another purpose of PRP is through intravenous administration of the stem cells to help with chronic pulmonary dysfunctions and other systemic conditions these are also offered at their offices.

These PRP treatments are one of the many services provided in Miami, Florida, at his practices. Technicians will take a sample from your blood and place it into a centrifuge, which will separate the platelets from the other components of your blood. The process causes the platelets to gather in high concentrations, which are then injected back into your body. Since it is your blood, you will not have to worry about the risks of infection or small risks of allergic reactions.

The PRP injection procedure will only take about two hours, and will only require a few visits. This will be determined by you and the Doctor, based upon your needs. The idea here is that you will save time, money, pain, and duress from long and risky surgical procedures by jump starting your body’s natural ability to recover with its elements. Contact us today for more information!