Comprehensive Medical Care

Dr. Draesel practices a preventative approach to internal medicine customized to fit your healthcare needs.

Primary Care Services Include:
Internal Medicine, Concierge Medicine, Weight Management, Nutrition Therapy, Hormone Replacement / Anti Aging, Genetic Testing

Pain Management Therapies

Dr. Draesel believes in an integrative approach to medicine utilizing various forms of physical medicine.

Pain Management Services Include:
Physical Therapy, Chiropractic Medicine, Whole Body Cryotherapy, Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression, Deep Tissue Laser Therapy, Manual Therapy, Injection Therapy

Innovative Approach to Medicine

We believe in a technologically advanced approach to healthcare through the acquisition of the most advanced medical technologies.

Welcome to the Draesel Medical and Chiropractic Facility

We are happy you have visited our website. The practice is a family run office that prides ourselves on service. Our team consists of the only father and son team in Miami consisting of a medical doctor and chiropractic doctor.

Dr. Jeffrey G. Draesel, M.D. is an internist with a preventative approach to medicine.

Dr. Jeffrey G. Draesel, Jr., D.C. is a chiropractor who provides numerous forms of physical medicine. Please navigate through the site to see what services each doctor offers.

Hear from one of our Patients

"I am extremely blessed to have found Dr. Jeffrey Drasel. He’s intelligent, caring, and compassionate taking a proactive approach to your ailments. Dr. Drasel’s most distinguishing quality is that he treats the whole person, not the “symptom du jour”. Last year I started visiting Dr. Drasel’s office for Cryotherapy (the local or general use of low temperatures in medical therapy). He took the time to explain the procedure and what to expect. He also said that the results are immediate. Right on target, results are instantaneous!

Back in June 2014, I suffered a car accident. I hurt my hip and shoulder experiencing severe pain and lack of mobility. I instantly sought advice from Dr. Drasel. After every therapeutic session, he would sit down and go over the treatment, answering all my questions and finalizing the sessions by saying “Call me if the pain starts, we are here for you”. You can’t go wrong with Drasel.

Arriving at his office, I’m always acknowledged by my first name and a smile. His staff is very professional and genuinely caring. Drasel and his team make you feel you’re the only patient being treated. If you’re seeking a medical professional that understands your real needs, call Dr. Drasel.
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